Take a Cold Shower


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When was the last time you took a cold shower? Seriously.

I personally rarely ever take cold showers, save for a hot summer’s day. However, I think I just might turn into a daily staple! If you’ve never had a cold shower before, it may sound dreadful, and you’d probably think I’m crazy! You may probably see it as one of those god awful things no sane person would willingly go through. That is… until you hear the amazing health benefits that cold showers offer. You might just be persuaded to take one.

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The Benefits Of Cold Showers

Better Immune System. Being immersed in cold water increases metabolic rates due to shivering and stimulates our immune system as it becomes activated.

Improves Circulation Cold water causes our veins to contract and our blood flow to be directed to our vital organs. This makes our body’s blood circulation more efficient.

Healthy Skin & Hair Cold water does not dry out skin and hair as hot water does. It also helps to close pores, which makes your skin looking healthy and smooth.

There are many more benefits to taking cold showers. If you’d like to know more, be sure to check out the many benefits at: The Health Benefits of Taking Cold Showers.

Maybe it’s time to start adding them on, and shower yourself to good health!